• Toronto Skillz FC Academy launches Ontario Soccer League Men’s Team for 2014

    Ontario Soccer League - Mens Program Launch

    Toronto Skillz Soccer Academy announce's the launch of its Men's Program which is the next phase in expansion of our Academy. This program will now allow us to offer a complete soccer experience to our players and supporters. The men's team will initially play in the Ontario Soccer League with the goal of participating in any future Ontario Professional Soccer League. In addition this team will be participating in various international club tournaments.

    The goal of our organization has always been to develop our youth players to become elite players in the game by continuously innovating and expanding our program. This new men's team helps our younger players to further develop by playing against older mature players who will provide a different challenge in terms of speed of play and tactical knowledge.to provide our dedicated players with the opportunity to play at the highest levels in Canada and internationally as they grow older. The culmination of this growth will eventually be a Professional Team competing in the highest North American League. The Men's Team is the first step toward going beyond just the youth sector of the game.

    We envision the Men's Team to be a platform to give a few of our U-20 players a place to begin wetting their feet in the adult game. This process will integrate some of our Elite U20 players with our college players who are now playing at University and Colleges here in Canada and the US.

    This team will focus on improving the tactical and technical development of our players with the goal to prepare them for professional opportunities that may become available to them after college and university. Playing and training alongside our experienced older players will allow our younger players to utilize the experience to improve their soccer abilities.

    Initially, the Men's Team will compete in the Multi-Jurisdictional (MJ) Division of the OSL, with the goal to eventually get to the OSL Provincial Elite Division.

  • Toronto Skillz FC Academy to Train at the famed Real Madrid Training Complex in Spain!

    Toronto Skillz at Real Madrid

    In August 2014, over 30 of our Academy Players will travel to Madrid, Spain to train and be evaluated by the Real Madrid Academy Coaches. The players will be accompanied by our Director of Coaching Leslie Fitzpatrick and Academy Director Jake Doodnath.

    The main purpose of this trip is to expose our players to one of the best player development environments in the world, as Real Madrid is among the top three clubs globally that produces players in the top five European Leagues. We believe that exposing our players to one of the world's leading development environments will help to reinforce the core principles of our LTPD program. Additionally the players will participate in three exhibition games and attend a La Liga game during the visit.

    This trip in partnership with Adidas International Travel Program, is the start of our commitment to expose young Canadian players to some of the world's elite player development environments. Future trips currently being planned are training visits to Ajax (Netherlands), Bayern Munch (Germany) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). Help support the dreams of our players!